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About Us

HR Team was founded in 2015 in Lebanon. Also present in different parts of the Middle East Region, HR Team offers services that range from Recruitment, Training, Consultancy, Business Planning, and Events Coordination.

We are highly driven to provide the best services to our clients and our team members are experts in the HR field, professional in tailoring clients’ needs based on industries and special requests. Based on each client’s requests, we provide the projects to our team members based on their expertise and education background to ensure the best possible service to our clients.



We will continue to expand in the areas of HR Advisory, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Executive Search for the upcoming years To Become the most preferred employer who provides the best work place environment



Our Mission is to provide professional and efficient recruitment solution to meet each client’s needs and requirements, while also being a bridge for individuals to achieve their career goals.

HR Team is ready to serve you with the following services: Recruitment, Training, Consultancy, Business Planning, Events Coordination, etc..




We promise only what we are truly capable of delivering , we look to build partnership relationship with our customers and , as a partner , will provide an honest opinion and market insight into your current and future recruitment & resource strategies.


Conducting ourselves an honest and ethical manner with an unwavering commitment to fairness and doing what is in the best interest of our client companies.


Treating all companies and candidates with regard and consideration for their individual dignity while recognizing the differences in people and leveraging those differences to maximize the benefits of the client company and a candidate.



Providing services effectively and efficiently, persevering through all obstacles while maintaining adaptability to change in order to meet the dynamic needs of the client company.
Committing to providing the highest quality services and tools while exceeding the expectations of the Client Company and candidate.